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Resource Corner highlights di—erent resources the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) has available to meet your education and training needs. These resources provide you with information and knowledge to advance your professional development. Visit our online bookstore at for additional information about these and many other pertinent resources!

CP-FS Study Guide (4th Edition) National Environmental Health Association (2022)

Principles of Food Sanitation (6th Edition) Norman G. Marriott, M. Wes Schilling, and Robert B. Gravani (2018) Now in its 6th edition, this highly

The fourth edition of the Certified Profes- sional–Food Safety (CP-FS) Study Guide has been updated to the current FDA Food Code and includes information and requirements from the Food Safety Mod- ernization Act. It was developed by retail professionals to help prepare candidates for the National Environmental Health Association’s (NEHA) CP-FS credential

acclaimed book provides sanitation infor- mation needed to ensure hygienic prac- tices and safe food for food industry pro- fessionals and students. It addresses the principles related to contamination, cleaning compounds, sanitizers, and cleaning equipment. It also presents spe- cific directions for applying these con- cepts to attain hygienic conditions in food

exam with in-depth content, an examination blueprint, a practice test, and many helpful appendices. The study guide is the go-to resource for students of food safety and food safety professionals in both regulatory agencies and industry. Chapters in the new edition include causes and prevention of foodborne illness, HACCP plans, cleaning and sanitizing, facility and plan review, pest control, inspections, foodborne illness outbreaks, sampling food for laboratory analysis, food defense, responding to food emergencies, and legal aspects of food safety. Also now available as an e-book!

processing or preparation operations. The new edition includes updated chapters on the fundamentals of food sanitation, as well as new information on contamination sources and hygiene, HACCP, waste handling disposal, biosecurity, allergens, quality assurance, pest control, and sanitation management principles. Study reference for the NEHA Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian and Certified Professional–Food Safety credential exams. 437 pages, hardback Member: $84/Nonmember: $89 Modern Food Microbiology (7th Edition) James M. Jay, Martin J. Loessner, and David A. Golden (2005)

358 pages, spiral-bound paperback Member: $199/Nonmember: $229

Control of Communicable Diseases Manual (21st Edition) Edited by David L. Heymann, MD (2022)

This text explores the fundamental ele- ments a“ecting the presence, activity, and control of microorganisms in food. It includes an overview of microorganisms in food and what allows them to grow; spe- cific microorganisms in fresh, fermented, and processed meats, poultry, seafood, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and other products; methods for finding and measuring microorganisms and their prod- ucts in foods; methods for preserving

The 21st edition of the Control of Commu- nicable Diseases Manual ( CCDM ) was updated to include new chapters on SARS- CoV-2, Zika virus, and many other patho- gens and infectious diseases. This land- mark publication is essential to people working in and around public health. The manual is one of the most widely recog- nized sourcebooks on infectious diseases and provides detailed, accurate, and infor- mative text for public health workers. Each

foods; food safety and quality controls; and foodborne diseases. Other section topics include biosensors, biocontrol, bottled water, Enterobacter sakazakii , food sanitizers, milk, probiotics, proteo- bacteria, quorum sensing, and sigma factors. Study reference for the NEHA Certified Professional–Food Safety credential exam. 790 pages/hardback Member: $84/Nonmember: $89

listing is easy to read and includes identification, infectious agent, occurrence, mode of transmission, incubation period, susceptibil- ity, and resistance. The CCDM is a study reference for the NEHA Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian and Certified Professional–Food Safety credential exams. 750 pages, paperback Member: $75/Nonmember: $85


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