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change issues, it is important to target and develop resources that the workforce can use to work with their communities to under- stand climate health threats and take action to implement climate solutions. Globally, people are being negatively aected by cli- mate change and swift action needs to be taken before the crisis compounds and the damage multiplies. We need to continue to

support and understand the needs of envi- ronmental public health professionals so they can serve as climate change leaders and voices for their communities. Acknowledgements: This article was funded through the CDC OT18-1802 Cooperative Agreement, 6NU38OT000300. The findings and conclusions are solely the responsibility

of the authors and do not necessarily repre- sent the o cial views of CDC and NEHA.

Corresponding Author: Jesse C. Bliss, Direc- tor, Program and Partnership Development, National Environmental Health Association, 720 South Colorado Boulevard, Suite 105A,

Denver, CO 80246-1910. Email:


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