NEHA Body Art Model Code (BAMC)

NEHA Body Art Model Code Committee Members

Abby Houghton, MPH Environmental Health Specialist II Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment Asani Samson Environmental Health Officer Ministry of Health and Child Care Alex Rosales Environmental Health Inspector Kenosha County Health Department

Heather Woods Environmental Health Specialist II Southern Nevada Health District Special Programs Jodi Jackson, REHS, MPH Registered Environmental Health Specialist Jefferson County Public Health Department John Johnson OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer Association of Professional Piercers (APP)

John Misock Senior Regulatory Consultant Ceutical Laboratories, Inc.

Joseph “Austin” Addison DHSc, REHS, CHES Environmental Health Specialist IV NEHA Body Art Committee Regulatory Chair Georgia Department of Public Health Benjamin Shaw Tattoo Artist Alliance of Professional Tattooists Board Member Owner of Archetype Tattoo

iii Kate Shergold Permanent Cosmetic Professional Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) Past Executive Director

Katherine Martinez, REHS Sanitarian Specialist Kent County Health Department

Brian Everett Tattoo Artist

Kathy Hartman, REHS OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer San Diego County Body Art Program Lead (retired) Body Art Training Group President Kira Flagstead, REHS/RS Environmental Health Services Yellowstone City-County Health Department dba RiverStone Health Kristina Wright Head of Growth and Expansion for Certified Tattoo Studios Assistant Director of The Tattoo Academy Laurel Arrigona Regulatory Affairs Specialist Association of Food and Drug Officials Body Art Committee Chair Body Art Education Alliance Chair

Brian Skellie Piercer Piercing Experience

Cathy Montie Tattoo Artist Founder & Owner of Cathy Montie Body Art Training Company OSHA Authorized Industry-Specific Trainer Christopher Adams, BS, LEHP Director of Environmental Health McDonough/Schuyler County Health Department Gretchen Quirk Water Quality Supervisor Marion County Public Health Department

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